who we are

Breaking down barriers that have kept Black people out of the water for generations.

I really do believe that is what separates what we do from other programs. We focus on that connection and relationship with the space. Then, we work on the skills.

Our Story

Curious how swemkids got started?

Watch the video below to learn more about the our story and how we're on a mission to teach children how to swim and stay safe in the water. SwemKids is changing the lives of children and families in the community.

Our Journey

Our greatest milestones

SwemKids is born

Trish Miller's public health expertise took a personal turn when a college near-drowning incident ignited her passion for educating underserved communities about swimming. Recognizing the widespread issue – with nearly 70% of Black individuals lacking adequate swimming skills and resulting in disproportionate drowning rates among Black children – she founded SwemKids. With a mission to counter these alarming trends, Trish's initiative aims to make a meaningful impact on water safety and education

Our first splash

SwemKids was initiated at Dunbar Elementary School within an underserved Atlanta community, offering accessible swimming lessons. The program tackled barriers by providing transportation, free lessons, and essential gear. The accomplishment of two groups completing lessons just before the pandemic closures, alongside founder Trish Miller's personal milestone of completing her first lap in 2019, stands as SwemKids' proud achievements.

Moving outdoors

When the pandemic forced the closure of public pools during SwemKids' program, a generous partner, William Fogler of WM Events, provided an alternative. Offering his backyard pool and scholarships, Fogler's support enabled children to continue swimming over the summer, allowing SwemKids to persevere despite the challenges. The unwavering dedication of partners like Fogler played a vital role in ensuring the program's continuation.

5-year anniversary

We achieved 5-years of teaching swimming to underprivileged children, providing life-saving lessons and impacting numerous lives. As a nonprofit, we're grateful for our dedicated partners and donors who have enabled us to make a positive difference, ensuring safety and aquatic skills for children in need. Here's to more years of empowering children through swimming and fostering water safety!

Bringing swimming to schools

With drownings being the leading cause of death in young children, especially in states like Georgia, SwemKids emphasizes prevention through widespread access to swimming education. The program's focus on integrating swimming into school curricula aims to empower children with life-saving skills and water safety knowledge, potentially reducing drownings significantly. By advocating for this vision and collaborating with state leadership, SwemKids aims to create a positive impact on water safety and accessibility for all communities.